Consider a Career With Northern Lights Realty

All Realtors with Northern Lights Realty are paid a 90/10% Commission Split.


Not only does Northern Lights pay the highest commision split in the business,

we offer our agents the opportunity to build a substantial residual income.


Northern Lights Realty is a modern real estate company founded by longtime friends and real estate brokers, Jamie Larkin and Greg Lipton. They have joined forces to offer a company that provides agents an opportunity to build a long, successful career and a retirement income in real estate.


Northern Lights is a company that caters to what real estate agents want:

1. More Money 90/10 Split

2. Diversified Income Streams

3. Profit Sharing

4. Retirement Plan for you and your family

5. Supportive Business Environment

6. Community Involvement

7. Lead Generation

Contact Jamie (892.218.1701) or Greg (902.368.6288) for more information.