Coach Michelle Burns

Coach Michelle Burns

Intuitive Healer, Teacher, Naturotherapist and Transformation Coach
Professional Bio

I feel privileged to have trained with many world leaders in the field of human potential, personal development, energy medicine, healing and transformation coaching including Debbie Ford, David Hawkins, Chris Walker, John DeMartini, Robert Kegan and Otto Scharmer.   Certified by the Institute for Integrative Coaching in California and also by the MAP Coaching Institute. I'm proud to be one of the only coaches in Canada licensed to teach the International Association of Coaches, Coaching Masteries. I bring skills and wisdom from a diverse career history as a Financial Advisor, Workshop Facilitator, Healing and Transformation Coach, Yoga Teacher, Meditation Instructor. I've also received certification in several cutting edge healing modalities. When necessary, I use them in combination with coaching to help clients quickly move through stubborn blocks; anxiety, fear, self-doubt, tension, stress and blocked emotions. 

I’m Certified in several transformation methods that I use when appropriate to get you the results you seek - without talk thereapy.
MAP                                              (Mindset Alignment Process)
EFT                                               (Emotional Freedom Technique)
Quantum Collapse Process          (Balance and Alignment)
PsychK                                          (Change Limiting Beliefs)
Shadow Process                           (Shadow Integration for Wholeness)
Focusing                                       (Body Centered Psychotherapy)
Healing Touch                               (Biofield Therapy)

These processes neutralize emotions, change limiting beliefs and alter memory barriers for profound, positive, and lasting change.

I have taken the best of the best from training and practice and developed a precise, no-nonsense, results producing approach to living life with passion, purpose, and impact!

"Michelle is a brilliant, focused and skilled coach.  The testimonials on this website document the reverence her clients have for her work. "  - Daniel
Highly Trained Intuitive Healer, Teacher, Naturotherapist and Transformation Coach
Since 2001

About Me

I'm all about change, transformation, possibility, opportunity and the elevation of consciousness...Soul Satisfying Success.  

​I'm the one people call when they need someone to brain storm with, when they have a messy situation that begs structure, when they need reliable advice and support. The only choice when you are truly ready to own your power and take your life to the next level. I illuminate with insight, intuition and knowledge. 
Twenty-five years ago, for no apparent reason, I experienced a profound awakening, an instantaneous experience of ALIGNMENT!  I would now describe it as - my anxious, stressed out, driven, unhappy, self-destructive, unworthy personality surrendered to my grounded, wise, joyful, alive, creative, empowered, authentic Self.  My entire life changed that day.  I left my corporate career in the city and moved to a small town where I became a Yoga Teacher, a Meditation Instructor, Transformation Coach and Artist. It's all about alignment.  After many years committed to doing my personal, deep inner work of healing, study, practice and transformation, it is my greatest joy to serve as a   mentor to others on their journey back to their truth, their purpose, their soul.       
Certified Yoga Teacher: 

Lasting transformation comes from the inside. Diligent practices like yoga and meditation create the conditions for change to take root.  I realized this through a life-long commitment to yoga and meditation.  My journey in Yoga training and teaching has spanned over 20 years. I've traveled to India and Nepal, the source, to study with the world’s great yoga masters and received Ashtanga Yoga Certification from Yoga Arts of Australia, spent many moths in India studying with Pattabhi Jois and received yoga teacher certification from Kripalu Center in Massachusetts USA.  In the picture:  with the late Master of Ashtanga Yoga, Pattabhi Jois in Mysore India. 

Meditation Instructor: 

The Transformational Power of Meditation:
​18 years ago I began meditating and have been committed to a disciplined practice ever since. Well versed in the traditional Eastern art forms, I've had the privilege of studying under Master Teachers in India, Nepal, Bali, U.S., and Canada. Combining this ancient Eastern knowledge with modern, results-producing methods, I've created a straightforward and efficient means to thriving and getting the most out of life. 

What Stirs My Soul?

Deep beautiful conversations and authentic sharing, intimacy that cultivates trust and facilitates healing
Great story telling that educates, informs, inspires
​Music, all genres
Being in the forest or anywhere in nature
Sunday dinners with my family
Dogs, I love dogs, I love all animals
Coffee, especially a well-made cappuccino
Cooking and eating nutritious food with delicious flavors
Dancing, more the ecstatic freestyle kind, I've never taken lessons
Travel and learning about other cultures
People, I'm a keen observer of human nature
A good game of poker
Teaching yoga and leading transformational workshops, I enjoy bringing out the best in people 
Crying, I know that probably sounds weird, but tears are so authentic and healing
Spontaneous adventures of any kind 
Hiking a mountain or cycling in the forest
Bare feet on the soil, the beach, the garden, on the earth
Art, being creative, drawing and painting
Freedom to express my truth and my creativity in every way possible
Flowers; their beauty, and scent
Laughter and fun

I value truth, commitment, communication, respect, results, information, education, training, and practice.
I took the leap from a corporate career, aligned my purpose and passion with my values and tied it to my work.  My intention was to wake up feeling inspired EVERY day, and I do, even when I'm in the grips of a big challenge. 
I have a holistic mindset;  align purpose and values with mind, emotions, body and soul to experience the magic.  And who doesn't want a little magic in their life?
Being in alignment is of vital importance to me.
When things go wrong, I look inside first.
I'm mystical and practical; I expect miracles, I trust my gut.
I am fascinated by the workings of human consciousness and the 'secrets' of success.
I'm always on the lookout for information that will help people make better decisions.

​I work best with people that want to grow and contribute, people that love to make things happen.

I can show you the possibility of change and growth, you have to be willing to do what it takes, and if you are, we will take your spark and fan it into a full blown blaze.  I will show you how to connect inner and outer life for alignment and resonance by giving you the tools to empower yourself.